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Antminer S19 pro Miner Introduction, Decomposition, Testing

S19 pro ASIC board

On February 27, 2020, Bitmain released the latest bitcoin miner S19 series, the announced S19 series of miners has two models: Ant miner S19 Pro 110T and Ant miner S19 95T, in which single hashrate reaches 110TH/s and energy efficiency ratio is as low as 29.5J/TH.

As is known to all, bits of bitmainantminer with the letters “Pro” model are top-of-the-line flagship miner, not only excellent performance, stable and reliable running, playability (adjustable voltage) is also be reckoned, byikminer team today to bring us bit latest bitmain flagship model antminer S19 Pro 110 t a third party independent evaluation, Together with ikminer team to experience the calculation power of more than 100T, power consumption ratio in 30W/T within the bitcoin mining machine and change.

Ant miner S19 Pro 110t appearance

Industrial carton packaging is hardbound, with product identification, just hand feeling is a antminer bigger and heavier, from the volume and weight can directly feel the change of the new mining machine, logistics packaging size: 680x425x535, the whole weight of 15.3kg, compared with the previous series can be used to describe “taller and stronger”.



The miner in the box is protected by pearl foam in the form of button cover, and there is a layer of anti-static bag packaging that antminer has been used for a long time inside. Of course, this prototype has gone through a lot of research and development hands, and the packaging has changed a little.


First of all, let’s look at the appearance of the whole machine. Integrated power supply integrated machine design, front and rear parallel double fans for air exhaust and heat dissipation, double 10A power interface. Can stand or lie. The mining machine circumference is 370×195.5x290mm, the weight of the whole machine is 13.2kg.


S19 Pro 110t internal analysis

The analysis of ikminer team is mainly to dismantle the three major parts of the miner (control board, power plate, power supply), and then do some comparative analysis of the auxiliary parts (shell, heat sink, fan, connecting wire, etc.). The following internal analysis of S19 PRO is introduced one by one according to the disassembly order.

Control board disassembly

Remove the screws of the control panel cover on the air outlet side, press and hold the button and push it upward to open the control panel cover.


In order to facilitate the next operation, remove the protection cover connecting to the bronze plate next to the power supply (the two screws of the protection cover also play a role of fixing the power cover), and then you can see the power supply line and voltage regulating line of the control board.


The first thing we can seeĀ  the copper bar connecting the power supply and the power plate,The connecting copper bar of Ant S19 Pro 110T is different from ant S17+ 76T, no longer in cross direction, and the symbol “+” is marked on the positive copper bar. The significant difference is the increase of the thickness of the copper bar.


Another notable feature is the lengthening of the line connecting the power plate, which means that the size of the power plate has become longer than the previous generation. Next to the line are four four-core cooling fan ports and power supply ports for the control board.


Remove the baffle in front of the control board and the connecting wire on the control board, and then the control board can be pulled out from the fan side.


Ant S19 Pro 110T uses a newly designed control board, the PCB color is changed to blue, and the size and interface are consistent with 17+.


Control board interface description: SD card-TF card slot, used for card brush firmware; IP Report- IP button, used with ant tool to find the IP address of mining machine; ETH- Network cable interface; Reset-reset button (long press to restore factory Settings); LED indicator light – shows the running status of mining machine.


Disassembly of power supply

Next, disassemble the power supply, remove the air side power supply fixing screw, and then push the whole power supply. The Ant S19 Pro 110T is paired with a new APW12 power supply with a maximum conversion efficiency of up to 95%, providing adjustable voltage of 12-15V, nominal maximum power output of 3600W and limit output of up to 4000W. Warning labels are attached to the power supply to remind you to disconnect both power cables at the same time.


Ant S19 Pro 110T is equipped with a new design of APW12 power supply, this new APW12 power supply also uses two 10A power supply, dual input can reduce the input wire socket heating and other safety risks, mines can use without replacing 10A socket. The volume of the whole power supply is larger than the previous series of power supply, and the heat dissipation channel is enlarged. Three fans are used to provide active heat dissipation for the power supply. The fan size is updated from 40mm of S17 series to 60mm, which brings the benefits of decreasing fan speed and power failure rate.

s19pro-psu-art-1ASIC HASH board dismantling

Ant S19 Pro 110T adopts A deeply customized optimized heat dissipation design scheme. Only four 1.65A fans are used to provide heat dissipation for the calculating force plate. It seems that there must be an article on the calculating force plate.

Ant S19 Pro 110T shell uses a new mold, not the use of S17+ split-body combination form, back to the integrated molding die casting, power position, control board position and power board slot design in one step in place, lying flat at the bottom, there will be no seesaw situation, it is expected that the finished product will not be configured with rubber pad when shipped.

Ant S19 Pro 110T has 3 built-in power plates, which make the plate more square and simple. There are heat sinks on both sides, and the deeply customized and optimized heat dissipation design scheme is more obvious

Chip surface using the 2 piece of the whole heat sink cooling, the whole heat sink design flow is linear, wind resistance smaller to facilitate air circulation, can quickly heat out and effectively reduce dust accumulation, heat sink and chip interface using the pink heat conduction gel filling and using screws, it seems is hidden inside each girl core.

On the other side, a single heat sink is used for heat dissipation. The area of the heat sink gradually increases from the inlet side to ensure the uniform heat dissipation of the whole power plate.

Ant S19 Pro 110T is equipped with a new generation of TSMC 7nm customized chip of BitMain, the chip model is BM1398. Each chip is loaded with 114 chips. A total of 342 chips provide 110T of computing power, and each chip provides nearly 322G of computing power. Just imagine that the single computing power of ant S1, the first generation of ant mining machine, is only 180G, and the ant S19 Pro 110T chip is almost equal to two ant S1. It is really the wave behind the Yangtze River pushing the previous wave, and each generation is stronger than the previous one…..

Ant mining machine S19 Pro 110T internal analysis to complete, finally to a family photo.

S19 pro ASIC board